Water Outage

Riceville Utility District had two main line breaks today. One was at County Road 119 and County Road 105 the other was on County Road 146 and effected Suburban Hills and County Road 135 along with most of Rogers Creek area.

Water was resumed at 3:30pm but due to the extent of the outage and the locations there will be a large amount of air and discolored water (white or brown) due to the air. Water is safe and has been sampled upon completion. Please use outside spickets or bathtubs to blow out excess air. Don’t use the hot water side to avoid it from getting into the hot water heater.

At any time during an outage you may call our emergency number 423-462-2709 for updates or information but please keep in mind that the call volume maybe high.

  • limit use of any water in your lines the more water that stays in your service lines the less air that can get in and cause cloudy water later.
  • please allow a window of 2 hours to 6 hours for any line break.
  • when water resumes open either a outside faucet or just one inside faucet to pull all the air in your lines to one location let run until air stops or the water is just cloudy. (do not use the hot water this will fill your water heater with air and take longer to get clear)
  • If cloudy water persists call the office at 423-462-2701 and we will send out someone to flush in your area. The problem at this point is in the main and will require flushing and possibly a week to get out of the lines.
  • If your toilet shakes or makes noises when flushing this means you didn’t get all the air from your lines and you need to go and open up something like a outside faucet that pours a large volume of water out at once and let run for a little while to pull the air out.
  • cloudy water is not dangerous it is only air mixing in with the water. You may see a film on the top of the water or on the sides of the glass/bowl you are filling up this is ok it is just the air pulling residue from your service lines the more use the less this will show.
  • Our water is continuously tested and a sample is taken within 24 hours of any water outage in our system. All customers would be notified immediately if there was a problem with any sample taken.

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